Introducing Diba Tejarat

Smart Life is one of Diba Tejarat Khavarmianeh Company Brands which provide health/home care and environmentally friendly products for people all around the world. The company is the only manufacturer of enrichment water filters licensed by Iran Food & Drug Administration (IFDA). Smart Life products include enrichment water filters (Alkaline Stick), washing Ball and Odor Neutralizer Spray & Gel with the aim of improving the people’s quality of life and health of society.

Introducing the Products

After many researches and experiments, Diba Tejarat Khavarmianeh Company has succeeded in achieving new technology in the production of enrichment water filters as one of its innovative products. Smart Life enrichment water filters add high amounts of Hydrogen, Calcium and Magnesium ions to drinking water, so they makes enriched and antioxidant water which will improve the brain function and will guarantee the health of bones and teeth. These filters are portable, easy to use and available in 3 types:

  • Alkaline Stick
  • Antioxidant Plus Stick
  • Antioxidant Body Balance Stick

Smart Life Washing Ball is an environmentally friendly product that prevents extra foam and reduces the number of rinsing by making Antibacterial Alkaline water that leads to save detergents, water and electricity. Washing Ball is appropriate for people with sensitive skin and children. Smart Life Odor Neutralizer Spray and Gel with compound of more than 40 herbal essences, neutralize a wide range of smells such as; the bad smell of cooking, the smell of smoke and even the smell of pets. These Odor Neutralizers can be used at home, at work, in a car, in a bathroom and in public places, and instead of adding a new odor to the environment, will remove the unpleasant smells completely.