We talk about the acidity of the athlete’s body in this film

We all know how much exercise is necessary for our bodies

But extreme sports make the body more acidic

The process of energy production with the decomposition of food and the production of acidic pesticides

Since the athlete’s body always needs more energy, it produces more acid

Do you know how acidic your body has irreparable risks?

When the body is acidic, all the body reactions get defective, leading to the production of free radicals and oxidizing the body, which really is a risk to the body.

Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, cramping and muscle aging, and many other diseases develop due to oxidation of the body.

An important point for power athletes

As you know, in acidic exercises, acidic lactic acid builds up in the muscles faster that causes muscle cramps.

Muscle oxidation is the first symptom of oxidation and muscle aging that is not repairable.

The next point is liver problems and reduced absorption of supplements

If acid liquids accumulate, the liver will not be able to dispose of these pesticides and become weak.

That’s why sports supplements are not absorbed by the liver.

So what should be done?



Alkaline hydrogen water …
Alkaline water is the best way to prevent acidity of the body and has antioxidant properties.

At the same time, athletes lose their essential properties during transpiration, and ordinary drinking water is not the reason for this.

Enriched water in addition to supplying calcium and magnesium prevents muscle aging and increases muscle endurance.

It also cleanses the liver and promotes the maximum absorption of sports supplements.

Add all the benefits of preventing heart problems and oxidizing your body.

With antioxidant steak, which is special for athletics, you can always have alkaline water with you.

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