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Hydrogen (H2) is a potent antioxidant and exhibits anticancer
February 12, 2019
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May 11, 2019
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Hydrogen Rich Water Guidebook

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عکس: کتاب آب غنی شده با هیدروژن

Hydrogen Rich Water GuidebookReviewed by Smart life on May 2Rating: 5.0 Hydrogen Rich Water GuidebookThe Hydrogen Rich Water Guidebook is one of the sources and guide for the complete introduction of alkaline stick, written by HAYASHI,Hidemitsu.M.D.

The Hydrogen Rich Water Guidebook is one of the sources and guide for the complete introduction of alkaline stick, written by HAYASHI,Hidemitsu.M.D.

This handbook explains the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water.

Then it introduces “Alkaline Stick” and compares this product with similar products.

Parts of the Hydrogen-Enriched Water Guide have been write into this text.

Preface : Two Kinds of Water

I have concluded that there are two kinds of water: water that produces disease and water that prevents and cures disease. I must also make the following almost unbelievable point. From the dawn of the human race up to the present day, I think human beings have been acquainted with water that produces disease.
This is because 99.99 percent of the water that actually exist on the earth is or was , in fact, nothing but this type of water. Thus, up until now, the human race has had to depend on “water that produces disease.” As a result, since the birth of humankind, human beings have suffered from disease.
Conversely, we may look at this situation in the following way.

  What will happen, if up until now, we had depended on the other type of water, the
“water that prevents and cures disease?”
Since 1985,I have been searching for the water that prevents and cures disease.

During that time there were many detours, but I believe that very recently I have finally discovered what this is. In a nutshell, it is water that contains a large amount of hydrogen gas, which I have termed “Hydrogen-rich Water.”
Why can I say this?
A detailed explanation will be provided in this guidebook, but in short, Hydrogen Rich Water gets rid of active oxygen, which is considered to be the cause of all kinds of diseases. And that is not all.

The water I am proposing has another big advantage :
anyone can produce Hydrogen Rich Water easily, reliably and cheaply.
I would like you, too, to check out delicious taste and wonderful qualities of Hydrogen Rich Water,” the water that prevents and cures disease.”

Chapter 8: Making Hydrogen Rich Water

  Now we will talk about the actual method of making Hydrogen Rich Water . The well known method in Japan is the electrolysis of water ( the principle of electrolysis of water is to split water, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, back into original hydrogenand oxygen.). The two kinds of water obtained by this process have been called ionized alkaline water ( water with increased hydrogen) and ionized acidic water( water with increased oxygen ), which you have probably heard of.

  I studied electrolyzed water for many years, and it is true that this cathodic water contains a large amount of hydrogen immediately after it is produced.
However, since hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe, this water loses its hydrogen rapidly, and in 2001 it was revealed that it reverts to ordinary water only several minutes after it is produced. Therefore I decided to call this cathodic water ”Temporarily Hydrogen Rich Water ” ( hydrogen rich only after electrolysis ).
In contrast, the water I have named ” Constantly Hydrogen Rich Water “, and which I am now presenting as a new proposal, is water obtained according to chemical formula written below. It is a reaction in which magnesium metal reacts with water to produce magnesium hydroxide, while producing at the same time atomic hydrogen which then makes molecular hydrogen.

Mg + 2H2O → Mg(OH)2 + 2H → Mg(OH)+ H2

Mg = Magnesium Metal H2O = Water
Mg(OH)2 = Magnesium Hydroxide H = Atomic Hydrogen (Active Hydrogen)
H2 = Molecular Hydrogen (Hydrogen Gas)

Incidentally, general textbooks say that magnesium does not react with cold water or room-temperature water. Actually, however, we have verified experimentally that magnesium reacts well even with cold water to produve hydrogen gas.
” …magnesium powder is not soluble in water. It reacts gradually with cold water and intensely with hot water, producing hydrogen. It dissoves in dilute acids and alkalines, producing hydrogen….”

Our new proposal concerns the Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick made of a magnesium  base mixed with natural pebbles. Simply by inserting this stick into water, you can make Hydrogen Rich Water easily, reliably and inexpensively.

Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick

The purpose of the Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick is to create Hydrogen Rich Water simply by inserting this stick into the water we usually drink.

After inserting HPM Stick into the bottle of water, please be careful always to leave it in during use. Because hydrogen is the lightest element, the hydrogen released in the water will be lost rapidly if the stick is removed ,and the water will revert to its original state(as ordinary water without hydrogen).

In principle, the stick is meant for use with tap water or purified tap water, but it can also be used with store-bought bottled water.

Wash the stick well in running water, insert it into a bottle of water, and close the cap tightly.
For maintaining good health and preventing disease, the standard usage is one stick per 1.5-2.0 liters of water.

reference: http://www.new-water.org/world/index.html

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