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Hydration status in short-term anaerobic exercise by alkaline water
August 22, 2019
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Weight loss and Reach to ideal weight with drinking water

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Weight loss and Reach to ideal weight with drinking waterReviewed by Smart life on Nov 25Rating: 5.0Weight loss and Reach to ideal weight with drinking water | Smart lifeThe ideal weight of each person calculates by the relative between his heights to weights. You can reach an ideal weight by drinking hydrogen-reach water.

The ideal weight of each person calculates by the relative between his heights to weights.

Much research has been shown you can reach an ideal weight by drinking hydrogen-reach water.

Drinking water has many benefit to the body.

At first, we speak about the ideal weight and formulations of calculating it, before speaking about the benefits of drinking hydrogen-reach water for weight loss.


How weight is ideal for each person?

The ideal weight of each person is important for appearance, also it is one of the most important signs of a healthy body.

The overweight is one of sign for metabolic syndrome, an edacity, and a passive body.

Fat people carry an undesirable high weight more than their body valence.

This overweight induces many diseases by pressure to all of the muscles, bones, and joints.

 Hence, weight loss is important for maintaining health moreover beauty.

But, we must know about our ideal weight before getting to lose our weight.

There are different ways for measurements of ideal weight.

Some physicians measure your ideal weight by taking a radiograph of your fats and muscles.

Also, measuring the rate of your metabolism or PMR index maybe help you.

But, one of the simplest ways for finding your ideal weight is the calculation of your Body Mass Index or BMI.


Calculation of BMI

 Formulation of calculating BMI is different and related to your weight, height, sex, age, skeletons, and even your activities.

But we induce a simple formulation.

You can calculate BMI by dividing your weight to the square of height.

For example, if you have 2m height and 80kg weight your BMI is:

80 ÷ (2×2) = 20

This formulation is used for over 20-year people.

Lower than 18.5 BMI is skinny

18.5 to 24.9 BMI is normal

25 to 29.9 BMI is overweight

30 to 34.9 BMI is fat grade 1

35 to 39.9 BMI is fat grade 2

Over 40 BMI is obese

Usually, you can calculate your BMI by online BMI sites.

Also, you can find your BMI in below chart by finding the cross of your weight to height,


Is drinking water good for aim to the ideal weight?

Often are advised to drinking 8 glass of water (2 litres) for weight loss.

Almost all of the reactions in the body related to water.

So, deficiency of water induces metabolic disorders in the body.

When we eat some foods, our body starts to break up the nutrients and generate energy.

Also, there are generated some residual materials with energy that it must exit from the body by urination.

If the residual materials don’t exit from body breaking nutrients become slow and nutrients store as a fat instead of generating energy until the body uses it in the future.

Drinking water helps to detoxification the body faster by urination.

Therefore, when we drink enough water we have more energy and stop the store of fats and obesity.


Benefits of drinking hydrogen-reach water for slimming and weight loss

 Japanese researcher believes that drinking one glass alkaline water each morning help to enhance the metabolism of the body.

So, Japanese people accustomed to drinking water before eating breakfast.

Also, if we drink water a half hour before deals control your appetite and it has a positive effect on suppressing your edacity.

But, you must know all waters aren’t beneficial for body health!

Some toxins exist in polluted waters such as Nitrates and it causes metabolic disorders and increases the risk of abdominal fat.

Recently, some researchers invite a unique product in the universal market as an Alkaline stick that can reduce acidic toxin, increase the level of alkalinity, and also make hydrogen-rich water.

The best water for drinking is hydrogen-reach water.

Because it has high antioxidant properties and balances the metabolism of the body.

It has been approved the importance of antioxidants for preventing metabolic obesity and reach to ideal weight.

Some articles published by researchers have been shown that hydrogen-reach water helps to decrease some disorders of metabolic obesity.


 Weight loss by drinking hydrogen alkaline water and alkaline diet

Another benefit of the alkaline stick is the power of alkalinity.

Probably you say about the effect of an alkaline diet on weight loss.

Alkaline diet programmed by acid or base ash of foods.

If one food has alkaline ash, it’s classified as an alkaline food, and if one food has acidic ash it’s classified as acidic food.

More daily diets have an acidic residue, so the aggregation of these residues induce some disorders in the body.

 So, the alkaline diet suggests you have 80% alkaline nutrients in a daily diet.

Please read this text for more information

Alkaline water has major importance in the alkaline diet.

Because alkaline water supplies important some essential alkaline minerals for the body and it can urinate some acidic toxins.


Alkaline diet, alkaline water, alkaline exercise!

Often, have been offered enough exercise together with many weight-loss diets.

If you have an appropriate exercise you must know to have more than others needs to drinking water.

Because, when we have exercise our body dehydrates by sweat.

On the other hand, exercise cause to increase in the metabolism of the body.

So, acidic residues aggregate in the body.

We said, drinking water helps your body to increase your metabolism at the ideal level by detoxification, and you feel to have more energy and less exhaust.


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