Antioxidant Body Balance Stick


Smart Life Antioxidant Body Balance Stick is a unique  enrichment water filter that could add extra amounts of Hydrogen, up to 220ppm Calcium and up to 70 ppm Magnesium ions to drinking water which leads to breakdown belly fats, regulate body metabolism and lose weight.

*All mentioned amounts may change based on the quality of water source.




  • Helps to decrease false appetite and treats metabolic obesity
  • Helped to balance blood sugar and gastric acid
  • Releases Nitrate, Sulfate and Chlorine up to 90%
  • Increases pH level of water up to 2 units
  • Makes more than 220 liters Alkaline water
  • Portable, easy to use and operates fast
  • Daily use for those who intend to weight by following a proper diet and exercises. (Duration of use: 4 months)

How to use

Rinse it before first use. Put it into half liter of water. Drink enriched water after 30 minutes.