Antioxidant Plus Stick


Smart Life Antioxidant Plus Stick is a Unique enrichment water filter that could add extra amounts of Hydrogen , up to 200 ppm Calcium and up to 70 ppm Magnesium ions to drinking water which leads to improve bone and tooth strength and brain function . It operates 2-3 times faster than Alkaline Stick .

*All mentioned amounts may change based on the quality of water source .



  • Improve brain functions
  • Helps to reduce muscle spasm
  • Releases Nitrate , Sulfate and Chlorine up to 90%
  • Increases PH level of water up to 2 units
  • Makes more than 220 liters of Alkaline water
  • Portable , easy to use and operates fast

*Daily use for all types of people specially athletes (Duration of use : 4 months)

How to use

Rinse it before first use . Put it into  half liter of water .