Have you ever encountered a smelly room? If you’re still using artificial air fresheners to cover up smells, you’re not actually doing anything to get rid of them, you are just make a collection of different smells. By Smart Life Odor Neutralizers you get the safest most natural solution that do more than cover up odors; they remove them.


Smart Life Odor Neutralizer

Smart Life Odor Neutralizer is a powerful scientifically formulated blend of over 40 high quality essential oils designed to eliminate a wide spectrum of odors. This Odor Neutralizer is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use around people, pets and plants. Use anywhere unpleasant odors are present. Ideal for eliminating smoke, pet and garbage odors.


  • Helps to refresh the air
  • Usability to eliminate cigarette smoke
  • Usability to eliminate unpleasant smell of cooking
  • Usability to eliminate unpleasant pet’s smell
  • Usability in domestic and industrial environment, cars and public places
  • Long lasting and easy to use
  • Available in two types, Spray and Gel

How to use

Shake Smart Life Spray before using and spray it in the air.

Open the Smart Life Gel’s cap and place it on the surface.