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Molecular hydrogen brings a revolution in medicine (free download book)
June 12, 2019
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July 31, 2019
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Hydrogen generating water stick technology | free download book

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Hydrogen generating water stick technology | free download bookReviewed by smartlife on Jun 19Rating: 5.0Hydrogen generating water stick technology | free download book Drinking commercially bottled water is an unhealthy way to drink water--- and costs far too per gallon. The healthy alternative is "hydrogen-rich' drinking water

A part of “the longevity code” book

Drinking commercially bottled water is an unhealthy way to drink water— and costs far too per gallon. The healthy alternative is “hydrogen-rich’ drinking water with its many benefits. This is a bold, fresh departure from commercial drinking water options and is now available for all to enjoy.

Direct from japan, and backed by 15 years of medical research by dr.hayashi md, his device is capable of delivering the latest in quantum physics and micro-energy technology by harnessing all four powers of nature into one simple unit. Known as the hydrogen producing water stick, it delivers a healthy high level of revitalized hydrogen directly into your drinking water. This latest technology is radically different from that which you may be familiar with, although the processes incorporated are as old and as powerfully potent as the earth itself.

Dr.hayashi’s research indicated that the hydrogen content in water (H2o) has depleted dramatically over many centuries and that we are no longer receiving its many health-enhancing benefits. Drinking hydrogen-rich water is good for your overall health and vitality. It will definitely slow your aging and help you live longer and in better health conditions. It will help you detoxify your entire body since you will generally feel and smell better. A healthy long life is defined as maintaining youth and health, hydrogen-rich water is the key.

Hydrogen-rich water provides extra added energy for your overall well-being.

Water rich in hydrogen is powerful antioxidant, an effective scavenger of free radicals for disease prevention and treatment. It is free radicals that cause diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and numerous others. Indeed, a great deal of evidence regarding the role of free radicals in aging and its related diseases proves that hydrogen-rich water can successfully …… and/or prevent these diseases. Free radicals are involved in both the process of aging and development of cancer. They attack many cellular targets including membranes, proteins and nucleic acids that cause structural damage to the cellular DNA.

Best to avoid the unknown quality and cost of store bought bottled water.

Dr.hayashi’s hydrogen-rich water treatment integrates five proven technologies to address the contaminated and environmental toxicity found in tap water. It insures that consumers have access to the safe healthy and wholesome qualities of drinking hydrogen-rich (anti-oxidant) generated water.

The hydrogen water stick method creates a natural purification system that integrates proven technologies of micron pre-filtration, active hydrogen, infrared light and advanced oxidation.

Beware of commercially bottled water, for borne viruses can pass right through commercial carbon filters and provide an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms which can elevate the levels of bacteria found in ordinary drinking water.

The hydrogen generating water stick uses a natural filtration system to remove dead bacteria, heavy metals, organic and inorganic compounds. Hydrogen is created continuously and activated by working to oxidize any contaminants in the water source.

It is capable of deactivating contaminants in 300 gallons of water (6 months of household use) and can reduce parasitic cysts such as cryptosporidiurn and giardia.

The infrared energy emitting bio-ceramics from the water stick constantly and instantly activates the water. By this me…, the water remains continually energized …. The bottle. This way, you have fresh hydrogen rich water available you always.

The following benefits apply:

  • Reduces free radicals and prevents premature aging.
  • Lowers saturated fat levels and cholesterol levels.
  • Increases hydration and effectiveness of nutrients.
  • Helps heal internal and external ulcers and metabolic disorders.
  • Detoxifies the entire body. You generally feel and smell better.
  • Helps get rid of cellulite, heal accidental skin cuts faster.
  • Improvement of liver function in hepatic disease and cirrhosis.
  • Improvement of malignant tumors and metastic tumors.
  • Improvement of blood glucose and HBAIC levels in diabetes mellitus.

Compares to reverse osmosis filtration, the hydrogen water stick is much smaller and more compact, does not require a storage tank, is virtually maintenance free up to six months and does not waste a drop of water. Reverse osmosis requires time, and considerable maintenance to produce a few gallons per day. The hydrogen water stick is much less expensive than reverse osmosis equipment and costs less than $100 for a six month supply.


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